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I hereby pledge to stay in my pajama pants for several hours on Sundays from here on out. Why? Sometimes life can get the best of me with all the business and running around we do. I need more down time…more time to sit in my comfy couch or play with my kids while my soft, royal blue, flannel pajama pants hug my legs ever so slightly.

Think about it…most of us go to work five days a week for our MINIMUM eight hour workday to then come home, rush to make dinner, MAYBE get to read or watch a TV show, and then it’s off to bed to start it all over again. My wife and I were talking recently, and we have decided that we need to do a bit more of nothing. That’s right…nothing. Six days out of the week we are always doing something and we are going to make Sundays our day of nothing. Nothing planned, nothing scheduled and nothing we “have” to do. It is going to be great. No work, just play!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a new playground installed in our backyard for our kids. This was huge for us because we hadn’t had one before our recent move this past December. Our new home had a playground that was starting to be destroyed by wood rot, so my mom (thanks mom!) gifted us with a brand new play set, offering it an early Christmas present. As you can imagine, these things can be pretty darn elaborate. This one in particular was a doozy, so I did what any good dad would do…I called a professional playground equipment installer. This was the best money I could have spent. The set looks amazing and I could not be happier…same thing for the kiddos. Within seconds of it being finalized, even with the workers still present, my kids jumped and slid and played on the monkey bars and had a blast.


As I looked at my kids serving fake ice cream cones to each other out of the side cabana and swinging on the swing, I couldn’t help but think how important this free playtime was for their development. We have activities just like any other family. My daughter has dance classes and rehearsals most of the week. My son loves dancing and also spends a couple days a week at the studio. Whatever activities your kids do, it is definitely a commitment. In addition to all the driving back and forth, homework, and making sure they get enough healthy food, we parents also have to get them to bed on time to do it all again the next day. Having a bit of time to be home and not worry about anything specific is just what my kids need…and what I need. With a mind that is free from constant hustle, creativity is able to flourish and stress melts away.

Our minds need to REST! Simply playing outside like my kids did, or going on a walk, or even just being present with your kids every now and then will do wonders for you and your family. Spend a bit more time in your pajama pants each Sunday. Sundays are meant for relaxation, reflection and self-betterment. You and your kids deserve it. With your mind quiet and your heart open, you will learn to enjoy your kids and everything they have to offer. Much love to you and your family!