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What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

Scott Sidler is not only a handyman, he is a handyman that makes your old…like new. His #1 Amazon best-selling book, Living In The Past can show you how to do what he does, but no one knows more about restoring homes from the good ‘ol days than Scott. In addition to his company, Austin Home Restorations, Scott runs The Craftsman Blog, giving tips to homeowners and wanna be handymen alike. He is a busy father of two that had the courage to leave his full time position at Walt Disney World to start his business. In this episode he shares a few tips on how to keep your historic home up to date!


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The Craftsman Blog:

Living In The Past – Scott’s Book – Click HERE

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Scott’s definition of an older house is anything pre WWII.
  2. Old houses are not good because they are old, they are old because they are good!
  3. In the past, better materials were used to build houses. Houses were built to last generations.
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