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Potty training is super tough. The peer pressure tied to it is even tougher. It’s like one day you are playing with kids in your mommy group and the next everyone is comparing notes about how their amazing kid is out of diapers and how great it is. Then the self-doubt comes into your head. “Did I do my child a disservice by not starting to potty train him?” “Should I do a naked weekend when my kid runs around all day with no diaper and pees and poops on the floor?”

I hate to say it, but I do not have an exact answer for you. Everyone is different. All I can say is my guess is that one day your kid will learn to go potty. I mean how many adults do you know that are not in their 90’s that are wearing diapers? Exactly. My advice is to relax and enjoy your child. Eventually, they will show an interest in going potty. When they show an interest, bring them with you. Show them how much fun it is to go potty. I would recommend that mommy takes girls and daddy takes boys for obvious reasons, but showing them and teaching them how you go is great. Once your little person is showing an interest, go ahead and let them upgrade to a lighter, pull-up diaper and see how they do. Tell them that they are wearing “big boy” or “big girl” pull-ups and make sure they have something fun on them like their favorite cartoon character.

As for the title of this post, we are a huge fans of little potties (as pictured above). You can find them at pretty much any Walmart for under $10 bucks. Our potty is a pink frog and we call it the “frog potty.” The frog potty stays in my son’s room every night and he knows that if he has to go, all he has to do is get up and pull down his pants and go. It is a freedom thing so he does not have to come out of his room to use the bathroom (sometimes kids can use that as an excuse to come out and get an extra snuggle or two with mommy or daddy). The frog potty has served us well for many years. While it is a bit gross to have to dump pee in the big potty and flush it and then wash it out, it is much better than having to do laundry all the time because your kid is constantly peeing himself. The frog potty is also great for long car trips. One hard rule though…no pooping in the frog potty. I mean, maybe in an emergency, but dumping that is a whole other ballgame. Still better than cleaning it off the floor or changing a diaper though. Yuck!

Doo You Know?

By age two, only 4% of kids are potty-trained.

By age two and a half, only 22% of kids are potty-trained.

By age three, 60% of kids are potty-trained.

By age three and a half, 88% of kids are potty-trained.

By age four, 98% of kids are potty-trained.

If you are the 60%, congratulations, you just saved a ton of diapers. But if you have another year of diapers because your kids are not yet ready, that’s ok. And remember, girls seem to get the hang of the potty faster than boys. 70% of girls are trained by age three, versus fifty percent of boys.

Source: a kids calendar from my fridge