Real IronDAD is a blog committed to providing fuel for families in the areas of food, family and fun. As parents, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, etc. we have a lot of pressure on us. Sometimes that pressure can get the best of us and make us act in ways we wish we hadn’t. Often times it is about control and even though we know these things, it still is difficult without the right resources and tips. Real IronDAD is happy to announce a special partnership between Brooke Maroth that will allow special tips and guidance for busy families. At least once a month, sometimes more, you will see a post from Brooke on how to help you be a better parent, family and  much more. She does this professionally as you will tell after just a few seconds of reading her posts. Brooke Maroth is a Marriage and Family Counselor in the Metro Orlando area. She is an active mother of four children along side her husband of 14 years. She is dedicated to helping others find healing and balance from life’s most difficult challenges, encouraging her clients to “Love The Life You Live.” Connect with Brooke by visiting her website at

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