irondadfatherof three

i’m a dad for the third time

I’m a dad for the third time

i’m not even tired.

it makes no sense how this transpired.

i should be “sleepy” and oh “so exhausted” they say

but my newest son and kids need me more and more each day.

perhaps i am exhausted and i just can’t see

but the badge i have now says “father of three.”

that badge is so special and i wear it with pride

for being a good man and great dad comes from inside.

i cook, i clean, i do the dishes,

i don’t touch the laundry per my wife’s wishes.

i am a man and a dad through and through

i even drive a minivan too.

even as i type this i hunt and peck with just one hand

to hope this poem speaks to other dads across the land.

see, i only have one hand because i am holding my baby in the other

to hold him true and strong so he can be a great brother.

what was once man to man

is now zone for three.

for those of you who missed that,

it was a basketball analogy.

I’m good at this dad thing

ive had a few tries.

but whoever says its easy is tellin’ some lies.

so onward i go just trying to be,

the best dad i can…an ironDAD for three!

right hand