What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

As busy parents and busy people in general, we often forget about dedicating time specifically for “date nights” because there is a lot of money, time and just plain effort that goes into them…and we are tired! BUT, no good relationship can survive without some quality time. Although you are tired, SOME effort must be made in order to spend time with your partner. This episode is about how to make a great date night without having to worry about what you do, where you do it and how much money you spend. The thought and effort put into this special tradition, whether you have kids or not, is super important.

Ideas mentioned: Do a babysitting trade with a couple who has kids that are your age or that are the same age as you. Go somewhere close to your home in case you have to get home in a hurry, although this is not very likely. Stay home! Date nights don’t always have to be out at a super fancy restaurant. What is your partner’s love language? Make sure you schedule your date nights in advance and don’t cancel them!


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The 3 Rules of Date Nights Are: 

1. Plan a date night with your partner in mind, not you. Do something they will LOVE doing and LOVE doing it with them!

2. No kids allowed. Family time is different. This is a time to connect solely with your partner. Get a babysitter!

3. No talking about your busy, crazy lives. Instead start an intellectual or philosophical conversation by starting with something like “hey Honey, have you ever thought….” OR “Hey Babe, what do you think about…” OR “How does this make you feel?”