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What You Will Learn From This Episode:

When Natalia Foote agreed to her first triathlon as a busy mom of two, she was kind of joking. But when a friend challenged her at a party and she accepted, her husband signed her up immediately. In this episode, we will follow Natalia on race day. Cory will walk you through the parts leading up to the time when Natalia arrives, and you will hear her thoughts before and during the race.

Do you want to try and complete your first triathlon? You can do it! Just listen to Natalia’s experience and decide if it’s for you. Thanks for listening to Real IronDAD Radio!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  • Episode 47 of Real IronDAD Radio is brought to you by Smart Fitness in Central Florida. If you are a busy parent like me and don’t have hours to spend on some overpriced gym membership, you have got to check them out. All you need is 20 minutes twice a week and you will be in great shape. Andrew Noble runs Smart Fitness and he will customize a plan that works best for you with his top of the line studio in Ocoee, FL. Check them out online at gosmartfitness.com.
  • Natalia’s “night before the race” blog post on how she is feeling: HERE
  • If you want to participate in a triathlon, you will need to have a few things. Those things at a very basic level are a road bike (the ones with skinny tires), a helmet, a pair of goggles and of course your running shoes.
  • HERE is a look at Natalia’s training plan.
  • Ultimately for your sprint triathlon training, you want to do several workouts a week. Mainly two per sport. So that would be two bikes, two runs, and two swims per week. How that will translate into total hours for you is up to your training plan.
  • Whatever plan you choose, make sure you are using both aerobic (low heart rate/medium effort) and anaerobic (high heart rate/maximum effort) sessions so you have a well-rounded training plan.
  • A sprint triathlon, the one that Natalia participated in, consists of a 400 yard swim, a 12 mile bike, and a 3 mile run…a very good distance for beginners.

Race Day Tips Mentioned In the Podcast:

  1. Wake up early to wake your body up and make sure that you have enough time to use the restroom.
  2. Take a nice warm bath to warm up your muscles and get them ready to go go go!
  3. Eat a mild breakfast. Something that you are used to eating that is easy on the stomach. I had a banana and some ezekiel bread. Limit your water intake. Hydrate the night before and during the race but not too much on race morning.
  4. Stay as calm as possible all morning. This will keep your stress level low so you’ll have all of your energy for the race. You will need it!
  5. Inflate your tires at the race the morning of the race. Inflating them before can change their pressure from air conditioning, heat or any other factors. The best way to ensure you have the pressure you desire is to pump them up right before the race!
  6. The transition area is home base. Set up a towel to put your things on and arrange everything so that you can easily put on your next gear and go! Think about what order you will put things on, etc.
  7. Stay mentally strong during the race. There will be times when thoughts of not finishing or not being able to go on will creep into your head. Don’t let it happen! Stay positive. You will finish! You can do this! Race on!