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What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

Every realtor says that the process of buying a house is one of the most stressful times in your life. Although this might be true, there have to be some things that can be put in place to help make the process a tiny bit less stressful. In this episode of Real IronDAD Radio, Cory and Jenn Warren share their moving experience and a few quick tips from experience to help kick off the first of a three part series on moving to a new home.


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Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Start packing early…motivate your procrastinating partner to get up and help packing things.
  2. Two week prior, STOP buying food at the grocery store.
  3. Donate stuff. Log on and schedule a pickup right from your front door. We use VVA.
  4. Make a plan…be obsessive about it. If you need help, put it out there and see if anyone will be willing to volunteer. The cream will rise to the top! (have to listen to the episode to get that one)